About Me

Hi.  My name is Sofia Bach.  I love traveling and going to beaches.  My favorite place to go would probably be my room or the beach.  Every year my family and I go to Huntington beach and we go to the shops along the roads and collect sea shells from the ocean.  Beaches are so calming and relaxing, I find I read there best.  I am taking this class because I want to learn more about Sports Medicine and the human body.  I plan on becoming a Forensic Anthropologist when I am older to solve crimes and help to figure out how people died.


I am Sofia

I’m taking Sports Medicine

This will be very fun



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like how you include your interests and what you did over the summer. I wish I could go to Huntington beach every year! In terms of content, maybe give your haiku a title and ‘center’ the lines. Also, it might be helpful to start introducing yourself first (“I am taking this class…”), then include what you did over the summer, so the reader will know what your blog is about at a glance. I like the pictures you including because along with your description of the beach, it gives the reader a better understanding of you! With your interest in forensics, do you like watching CSI and criminal minds? If so, is that were you get your inspiration to take sports medicine?


  2. Hey Sofia! I had no idea you liked traveling just like me!! That is great that you find time to read in your spare time. What type of books do you enjoy reading? I think it is soo cool that you want to become a forensics anthropologist. I like to watch criminal minds so I can relate to how you want to find out how people died and solve mysterious like that. I really appreciate how you shared what your family does on your road trips to the beach.
    Thanks for sharing! -Juliana


  3. Hey sofia!
    What a great introduction! I absolutely love going to the beach as well, I actually used to live in half moon bay. I agree that it is extremely calming. Your blog is very put together, although I do agree with Mavis when she said to put your haiku in the center, I think that would make it look even more appealing. I think your interest in Forensic Anthropology is also awesome and extremely interesting, I wish I had such a strong idea for my life career! Cant wait to hear more on your blog!


  4. Dear Sofia,

    I find beaches to be very relaxing as well, but they seem to be a very special place for you. It is great that your family goes to the beach for vacation each year! I’m glad you are taking Sports Medicine this year and that you have such an interest in the human body. What first sparked your interest in Forensic Anthropology? I think the pictures you chose compliment your about me page well. Your Haiku could be a little more descriptive to give your reader a better idea about who you are.

    Looking forward to reading your future blog posts!
    Mrs. Kahn


  5. Self care is so important, either by relaxing or even exercising, it is good to vein good health for whatever the future brings. Good post!! (I love the beach too!)


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