Pie Ranch Field Trip

My class went on a field trip to Pie Ranch.  This ranch grows fruits and vegetables and sells them to people at their market.  They have animals that serve the purpose of making the soil clean, and animals for milk.  I had a wonderful time making lunch with my friends, and going on the hike.  The lunch was my favorite part because it tasted really good and it was all fresh and healthy food.  I really enjoyed learning new things on this field trip and I would love to go again.


Here’s a link to check out my video of what we did at Pie Ranch:



2 thoughts on “Pie Ranch Field Trip

  1. What an absolutely fun time you had! I thoroughly enjoyed the video and how you narrated the pic’s (especially the one about the dog!)! I’m very glad that there are places like this in the world… we need more Pie Ranches!!


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