The Juice Diet

What is the juice diet? Honestly, I was thinking of participating in this diet to lose weight, even before my Sports Medicine class was talking about diets. This diet is when you only drink juice, to cleanse and detox your system. To do this diet, you have to juice fruits and vegetables, and then drink them. A combination of fruits and vegetables juiced every day for every meal was said to help you lose weight.

On the MyPlate website, it says that each meal should contain: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy, and oils. The juice diet has fruits, vegetables, and sometimes protein and dairy. The fruit and vegetables are explainable, they’re what the juice is made up of. But, in some vegetables (kale, broccoli, etc.) there is protein. Protein is also found in some fruits, so you can have your protein in your meal. To get dairy in your juice diet, you could slip in some yogurt or some milk, to make it thicker, more like a smoothie.

I have read many articles of people talking about how they were satisfied by their juice diet, and how making and drinking their meals became “second nature”. People spoke about how they dropped pants sizes, got compliments on their weight loss, and felt healthier. For me, I do not think that this would satisfy all of my needs. I think if I were to drink a juice, plus had a smaller meal, I would be content. The juice would not be sufficient enough for me.

To participate in this diet, you will have to save time for yourself, about 15 minutes for every meal (3) to prepare your fruits and veggies for the juice. You would need to spend time preparing the food plus going out and buying them. Fruits and vegetables are relatively expensive. To go on this diet, you will have to be able to spend a lot of money on the components. You will also need a juicer.

The only “special foods” involved in this fad diet, would be fruits and vegetables, and maybe the occasional milk and yogurt. Out of the articles I have read, I found that you do not have to exercise while juicing. The only thing you have to do is to juice and to keep to it.

Weight loss is promised. People wrote about how they lost 12 pounds in one week, other people say how they have lost over 100 after a few months. This juice cleanse seems to help drop weight, and to drop it fast. This diet is interesting, and something I would love to try. You get all the nutrients that you need, and you lose weight. You stop eating the fatty meals and focus on the juice.


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