Diffusion Race

For this lab, my partners and I set out our materials: 2 beakers, both filled with water, two pieces of string, glucose strip, and glucose.  Before class started our teacher put everyones glucose strips in a giant beaker of water to soften them up.  Once we were off in our groups at our different lab tables, we got to decide the amount of water and the amount of glucose.  My group took out the strip and tied a knot with the string on the end to close the hole.  We opened the glucose strips and poured the water and glucose inside.  We tied off the last end of the strip and placed it in the beaker filled with water.  Every 5 minutes, we tested the amount of glucose in the water.  For the first 5 minutes, there was no glucose in the water.  Same thing after 10 minutes and 15, no glucose.  After the 15 minute interval, class was over and we had to leave, but my teacher kept going to see if any glucose came out.  So my teacher put the glucose testing strips in the water after 20 minutes and we had glucose!  Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.16.21 PM


One thought on “Diffusion Race

  1. Hi Sophia! Great job with your wording on this lab! It made it very easy to understand with simple details such as noting how we tied the bag and using time. I liked how you took a picture of the changes of the strips! It makes it very creative and a cool way to understand the lab! 🙂


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