Digestion Case Study

My class read a case study about girls who ate food that contained carbohydrates. The food caused them to have gas because of what it was composed of. Some examples of food that have starch that the girls ate are: cheerios, powerbar, coke, lettuce, green peas and tomatoes. Carbohydrates are found in sugar, starch, cellulose, dairy, gluten, and plants (grain, vegetables, fruits). Plants produce carbohydrates. Gas is caused by the bacteria breakdown of undigested carbohydrates. Digestible carbohydrates are foods that are more natural than unnatural. Indigestible carbohydrates have unnatural, and unhealthy components in them.

The meal that the girls ate was: cheerios, oat bran, a tall latte, PowerBar, a coke, a salad (consisting of lettuce, cabbage, tomato, shredded carrot, green peas, kidney beans, and tuna fish).

2016-01-12 18.56.39
This is a drawing of some of the food the girls ate.  

In the bar that was given to us on the paper, we find that the percentage of sugar in the bar is 15%. The total carbohydrates in the bar are 45 grams. There were 14 grams of sugars in the bar. I did simple math and took a close estimate to get my answer, 15%.

Simple sugars: are carbohydrates that the body absorbs fast

Starches: a carbohydrate containing a lot of glucose

Fiber: vegetable tissue that contains glucose

We studied a bar’s nutritional information.  We had to figure out (from the bars ingredient list) what ingredients were simple sugars, complex carbohydrates (starches), complex carbohydrates (fiber), and carbohydrates that would cause gas.

From the PowerBar Nutrition Facts:

2016-01-12 18.49.25
This is the list of ingredients in the PowerBar.

Simple sugars: high fructose corn syrup with grape and pear juice concentrate, maltodextrin, and glycerin

Complex Carbohydrates that contain starches: oat bran, maltodextrin, rice crisps, peanut butter, and brown rice

Complex Carbohydrates that contain fiber: oat bran, maltodextrin, rice crisps, peanut butter, and brown rice

Carbohydrates that would produce gas according to the list: milk, and all of the above