Heart Case Study

Doing things used to be easier for the couple, but now that they are older, things have gotten harder to complete. Jim and Nancy are going to Alaska for 2 weeks on a cruise.

Jim is 68 years old and not working. Jim works in his garden with him wife. He retired last year and had a heart attack a few years ago where he needs to take meds to control his blood pressure and an aspirin every night. Jim is overweight and he smokes. He is going to Alaska/on vacation.

Nancy is 62, recently retired, works in her garden with her husband, and swims and lifts weights several times a week. She is overweight/over eats and is taking hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy since her hysterectomy at age 45 (17 years ago). She concerned with developing osteoporosis because her sister was recently diagnosed. Her mother died in April because of a broken hip injury. She has back and chest pain, her chest burns. She took/takes anti-acid for pain/burning sensation inner chest. Nancy lives with a smoker (her husband), and is going to Alaska/on vacation.

Nancy got her test results back. Her blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and glucose are too high, because she is overweight and lives with a smoker.

Jim and Nancy are at risk for many diseases. Jim is at risk for Lung Cancer, Obesity, Heart Attack, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Emphysema. Nancy is at risk for Obesity, Osteoporosis, Heart Attack, Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Emphysema.

Some other information that would be good to know about the Duo would be their family history, daily diet, the medication that they take, and their past medicine records.

On the cruise, Nancy would go speed walking with her husband and her friends around the boat. She would have to stop walking because she would feel out of breath and nauseous. She would take a break (with Jim). Once when she had to take a break, a friend of hers came up to her and told her the troubles of what might be happening to Nancy.

Angina symptoms are different from classic angina symptoms because they are only seen in women. The symptoms are back pain, nausea, loss of breath, and feeling faint. The causes are being overweight and living with a smoker. The symptoms lessen when Nancy rests because she is not exerting a lot of energy. Before reading this article, I had no idea that males and females had different symptoms for coronary heart disease or a heart attack. I found out about this through this article.


One thought on “Heart Case Study

  1. Dear Sofia,

    You thoroughly reviewed the case study information, but some of it would be better presented in a clear data table. Your analysis of Nancy’s symptoms and potential risk is very clear. Make sure to always hyperlink the resources you used to gather information and include original media to engage your readers. How do you think medical professionals are able to identify common symptoms in individuals of different sexes or cultural backgrounds? Looking forward to future posts!

    Mrs. Kahn


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