I shadowed Dr. Diefendorf at Serra High School.  I was with him during the Serra vs. St. Francis game.  When I first entered, I was asked to wait at the gate (where people pay for admission to the game) for him to come get us.  I soon found out that he was on the field working with the team and that I should just walk up there.  When I reached the field, I was stopped by the security guard, but she let me through after I told her I was working with Dr. Diefendorf.  I found him at a tent with athletic resting beds with some players.  I introduced myself to the Dr. and he was very friendly.  He asked how I was, what I aspired to be when I am older, why I wanted to shadow him, the basics.  I answered all of his questions and he told me where I should stand to watch the game.  Dr.  Diefendorf told me that when a player gets injured on the field, he will run out to them (along with other trainers) and they will get the player back to the sidelines.  I was notified to wait along the sidelines for an injured person to come back, and once they were on the ground, to run up and watch all the action.  Dr. D made a joke saying that, “If a player is coming at you, run.”  He was a real joy to be with and was very inviting.  

The first injury was given to us during half time.  He was a player from St. Francis.  He told us that his ankle/foot really hurt because one of the other players had been tackled and rolled up onto his foot.  Dr. Diefendorf touched multiple places on the player’s leg/foot and asked the pain level.  The player ended up having a rolled ankle.  He was taken away in a little cart with crutches.  The next injury I got was dehydration with cramps.  Two players from Serra had collapsed on the field.  They were suffering from dehydration which lead to cramps.  A few weeks ago, I was at a water polo tournament and I was punched in the face by a girl from the other team.  I was taken out of the game for a little break, then tossed back in.  After a goal is scored, the two teams face each other at half court to start another play.  When we were lined up, the girl was mad and punched me another two times.  I played the rest of the game, and go out, breathing heavy.  I carried on, cheered for the other team, high fived them, and sat back down where my teams stuff was at.  Then I realized that my breathing was getting out of control.  I was gasping for air, but it wasn’t my asthma.  I was dehydrated, going into shock, and suffering from a panic attack at the same time.  My finger and toes were and then my hands and feet started cramping up.  My team propped me up against some bags and ran to get my coaches.  When the coaches came back, they massaged my hands and gave me lid fulls of gatorade.  My cramping subsided and my breathing went down.  I ended up not playing the next game, and had to sit on the sidelines instead.  From experiencing the same thing not more than a few weeks ago, I knew what to do.  Two other boys, Frankie and Wyatt, who are football managers, rolled out the boys’ calfs and gave the players sips of water.  The managers wiped sweat from the players and took off their helmets to relax them.  I was told, when the players were coming in, that they had experienced these cramps before, and that this was normal.  The players were soon up and cheering their teammates on the sidelines.  After the game was over, Serra won, I looked around for Dr. Diefendorf, but I couldn’t find him.  As it turns out, he had left, so I had to get my signature from another trainer, Laurie.  She asked how it was, and I told her that I really enjoyed it.  The players and other trainers/managers were very nice and accepting to me.  I really loved my time on the field.  

Besides working with Dr. Diefendorf, I worked with the players, the team managers, and another Sports Med Doctor.  The players were a delight and were very nice and welcoming.  They were never rude or made me feel like I was an outcast.  They were ok with me watching what was happening to them/ their teammates throughout the game.  The team managers, Frankie and Wyatt were very nice.  I had known Frankie before I the game, so it was nice to see him again.  I had met Wyatt for the first time, and he was very sweet.  He was helpful to the team players and always put them before himself.  The other trainer, Laurie, was very nice, and caring to the boys.  She was very helpful to the boys from Serra and from St. Francis.  

Before this assignment, I was not pursuing this career, but after the game and all of the excitement, I decided that this would be fun to do.  I loved how positive the atmosphere was, and how helpful everyone was.  When I am older, I aspire to be a Forensic Anthropologist, and to be happy.  A Forensic Anthropologist, is when someone studies the bones of a person who is deceased.  I find this job interesting because I do not mind blood, and because you get to help solve crimes.  I would consider this career worth pursuing because of how many injuries you can help with and how awesome the job is.  I would love to take up being a Sports Medicine Doctor as a job.  

For this job, you are expected to dress in athletic clothes, or in clothes that you can move around in and get dirty.  For this job I would not show up in a dress and heels.  I would be dressed in leggings, tennis shoes, and an athletic t-shirt.  You need to be able to run around and get your clothes dirty.  If someone breaks their leg on the field, you have to be able to run out to them, not waddle over in your heels, you have to be able to be ok with getting sweat and/or blood on your clothes.  I have learned that dressing down is better for this job.  

To be successful for this job, you would have to be hard working and have a positive attitude.  You need to be able to handle whatever is thrown at you in a very critical situation.  You need to be able to move fast, and get things done even faster.  To have this job, you need to be able to handle blood and gore.  Although I did not see blood or gore, it does not mean that that doesn’t show up in when one is working as a Sports Medicine Doctor.  For this career, you can earn up to $207,341 per year.  The factors that impact this salary are how much people are willing to pay for help with their injuries, how often they are asked to participate in a game, and how great of a doctor they are.  



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